Hundure QR Code Access Control Solution for 24/7 Fitness Club Management

Hundure QR Code Access Control Solution for 24/7 Fitness Club Management

Open 24 Hours with Higher Security and Minimal Manpower!


XXX is a membership fitness club located in a community sports center. Like most fitness clubs, it was open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. The club has faced some impacts since the COVID-19 pandemic. First, the decline in membership led to a significant drop in revenue. In addition, members were more concerned about the safety and hygiene of the club's environment. Third, Some members came to the club near closing time due to shifts or overtime work. It was difficult for them to enjoy the fun of fitness in the limited time before closing. Therefore, members wanted to extend the original openning hours to 24 hours. Another, the club had only the front door to control the access and no barrier stood between the front door and the fitness facility area. It was easy for members to bring their friends to use the fitness facility or share their member cards to others. Finally, physical membership cards were easy to lose, resulting in increased new card issuance costs.

How to create a safe and hygienic environment and to satisfy existing members and attract new members was the primary challenge. Another challenge was how to prevent members from sharing their cards with others. Finally, no staff will be there during 10:00pm to 6:00am when the club opens 24 hours. Therefore, how to create a safe environment is a must.

After the holistic evaluation, the club decided to extend its opening hours to 24 hours without the need for more staff and purchase a new access control system. The card-free and touch-free QR Code-based access control system was recommended for this project. No staff is on duty from 10:00 pm to 6:00am. During that period, therefore, the access from the front door is controlled and members are required to scan the QR code to enter and exit. Additionally, the club increased three access points to enhance the security. A door was installed between the front door and the fitness facility area to control the access and prevent anti-passback and tailgating. The other two access points were set to control the access of man locker room door and woman locker room door to avoid the careless intruding and reducre the belonging lost. Every door requires scanning a QR Code to enter.

A high security 24/7 fitness environment was acheived after installing Hundure access control system. QR Code authentication helps to boost revenues as there is no cost for providing and managing membership cards and it stops members sharing fitness membership cards with non-members.

Project Requirements

  • The multi-door access control panel was required to control the club front door, the fitness facility area entrance, the office door and locker room doors.
  • QR Code readers are required to read the QR Code displayed on smartphone to unlock the door of the controlled area.
  • The system can be set the staff and member access authorizations and issue the QR Code credential.
System Device Name Device Model
Access Control System
Multi-Door Access Control Panel RAC-4200N
QR Code Reader PXR-Q1MWS
Infrared Exit Switch HPB-10E
Access Control System HAMS

System Architecture

Function Descriptions

  • Authorization setting: The staff can set the member’s authorization according to work out time (day, afternoon, evening, night and all day), controlld area (e.g. Male member only can enter man locker room and is not allowed to enter woman locker room) and valid period of membership (a month, a season, a year and temporary member).
  • Generate the QR Code credenitals: After submitting the member information, the system will automatically generate the access QR Code and email the access QR Code to the members. When members come club, they scan the access QR Code with QR Code reader to enter the controlled area. The temporary member is required to register on site and QR Code is valid within the limited time.
  • Schedule the validity of the QR Code: Set the start/end validity time of the QR Code. When the QR Code expires, the member will no longer have the access authorization to enter the club.
  • Record inquiry: The staff can search for the records by date and membert name. The search result can be exported as excel file.
  • Anti-passback: Prevents the use of QR Code credential or similar device to enter the area a second time without leaving the area. It prevents the member from giving his QR Code credential to another person to use.


  • QR Code is an access credential! The QR Code provides you with a cardless access. QR Code can be saved on your smartphone. Display QR Code on the smartphone and scan it to get in. You can eliminate the physical cards and allow your members and staffs to access via their Smartphones.
  • Touch-free and hygienic access: Members are granted access with their smartphone. They enter by simply scanning the QR Code from a specific distance, so they don’t have to touch any reader. It is safe and hygienic.
  • Reduce the staff cost: Staff no longer need to look at membership cards when members enter the fitness facility area. Additionally, no staff is required from 10:00pm to 6:00am as every access point requires a QR code credenital to enter and exit.
  • Save the card cost: The smartphone is an access card. The access card is generated by the QR Code, which can be sent directly to a smartphone. This gives the member the access without the need for the reception to exchange a physical card, thus reducing carbon footprint. The card costs can be saved.
  • Reduce the risk of card lost or thieved: Members keep their QR Code on their smartphones. Both sides of club and member don’t worry about lost or thieved membership cards.
  • Limit External Access: The members are required to enter the club and locker room by scanning QR Code. This can eliminate the possibility that the thief intrude the locker rooms when the member is working out.


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