Lab Intelligent Access Control Solution creates an extremely safe laboratory environment

Lab Intelligent Access Control Solution creates an extremely safe laboratory environment

Hundure’s powerful RAC-2000WSN 2-door Control Panel and smart PXR-92MWS-BE Bluetooth Reader make laboratory access control easy, convenient and secure.

KHS Medical University was formally established in 1954. It has become an important cradle for highly-skilled physicians and medical-related specialists. The university not only continues to strengthen its medical services, but also laid a solid foundation as southern’s leading medical institution. The shared vision of everyone at KHS Medical University is to make the university a modern, forward-looking institution striving for excellence in both academics and medical care. In order to turn out outstanding medical personnel, not only the professional courses were taught, but the fundamental experiment courses were given. A new and high-secure teaching and research laboratory building, therefore, was needed in order to improve teaching quality. The university sought for a total effective security solution for access control of teaching and research laboratory environment.

The demanded conditions were as follows.
1. An advanced access control system that provided different access rights for general students, research students, teachers and medicine and laboratory asset management staffs.
2. The system had to support over 2000 users.
3. To prevent the unauthorized removal of laboratory assets, only few authorized people were allowed to enter the store room of controlled medicines. And only authorized students were able to enter the assigned laboratories.
4. Configurable auto unlock time schedules for a more flexible door-access-control. Time zones / time schedules were available for holidays, workdays and classes, experiment hours.
5. Blacklist function, Anti-passback function, duress card / duress code function were required.
6. Scalability is important for future system expansion.
7. The controller that enables operation of the system to defined rules.
8. The card reader was designed to work stand-alone when failed to communicate with PC.
9. Easy and convenient ways to unlock the door. Using smartphone for door open might be possible.

From the supplier recommended, they finally adopted Hundure’s Lab Intelligent Access Control Management Solution. This solution combines RAC-2000WSN 2-door access control panel, PXR-92MWS-BE Bluetooth reader, electronic door locks and management software.

“This solution is perfect. All the functions we need are included, such as multiple authorized levels settings, time schedule for holidays, workdays, class and experiment time, Anti-Passback and blacklist function, duress code…etc.; besides, various alarm settings are available, like door is not closed, door forced open or door left open…etc.” Administrative staff John Bai excitedly stated.

“In addition, one of the important benefits must be highlighted, PXR-92MWS-BE Bluetooth reader is very amazing that allows user to unlock door with smartphone. Can you image that smartphone is a door key? Students can enter the laboratory through proximity card or smartphone identification. No more worries about forget bring their student cards. We all are glad to enloy the convenience of reader. I can say Hundure’s Lab Intelligent Access Control Management Solution is best solution for laboratory.” John Bai praised.

Key features of RAC-2000WSN:

- Built-in Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface to PC
- 15,000 cardholders
- 40,000 transactions
- Built-in 8 Sensors (Door Sensor x 2, Exit Button x 2, Case Sensor x 4)
- Built-in 4 relays (for Lock x 2 ; Alarm x 2)
- Supports Wiegand 26 interface and up to Wiegand 72 interface reader
. - Two-door interlock、Anti-Passback、Blacklist functions

Key features of PXR-92MWS-BE:

- Conforms to ISO 14443A, supporting MIFARE card.
- Supports Bluetooth (BLE); Installing a mobile phone App and using the smart phone as a credential to unlock doors.
- MIFARE unique ID or Block read format supported and programmable key value.
- Provides dual interface (Wiegand and RS-485) model to meet different project requirements and reduce inventory costs.
- IP65 rated ingress protection, suitable to install indoor and outdoor environments.
- Case sensor detection function to enhance the system security.
- Watchdog function secures system free from halting.



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