Hundure helps city manage construction waste

Hundure helps city manage construction waste

Due to the economic boom in Taipei construction sites are building up all over the city. Effectively managing and controlling construction excavation waste is becoming one of the most important priorities for the city council, and they have turned to Hundure technology for assistance.

In Taiwan, the underground soil is the property of the government and therefore these excavations must be processed and/or recycled. The transportation fee is charged based on how many dumping trips the trucks make. As a result illegal dumping and selling of excavation waste is becoming a problem. And these illegal acts are not only causing pollution to the environment but are also often the cause of road accidents because of deviations from the planned transportation routes. It is therefore the Taiwanese Construction Authority and headed up by the New Taipei City council, to manage this problem, and they are achieving it based on Hundure’s solutions and system.

Construction companies have to apply for approval from the city council for excavations and based on the estimated excavation volumes and dump trips the city council will provide the relevant dump site for the excavation waste. After inputting the construction/excavation site the system will automatically calculate the trip time for each load and the total number of loads required.

Once the excavation is approved, Hundure will start installations of RFID readers at the construction site and the dump site. Each time the excavation is loaded on to the truck and before leaving the construction site, it is authenticated by the reader and this information is immediately passed back to the council’s excavation flow management system. When the truck arrives at the dumping site it must be re-authenticated, this time the reader will pass the information back to the excavation flow management system and it is then compared for any timing discrepancies and checked for any anomalies of under or over the pre-specified timing range. Any anomalies will activate alerts and will be followed up with audit checks by dispatched city council personnel.

This solution has been in implementation for over two years now, and it has drastically reduced the illegal dumping of excavation waste and the problems caused to the environment and traffic. In the future the construction authority of Taiwan has expressed an interest in eventually extending this project solution to all the construction sites in Taiwan.



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