Hundure Access Control Solution for Bed and Breakfast

Hundure Access Control Solution for Bed and Breakfast

Manage Your B&B in Smart and Cost-effective Ways!

With QR Code, just scan to go! The guests will experience the funs of easy come and easy go! The host will embrace the benefits of saving time, saving money, and preventing the key being lost and being copied.


Supposed you are a B&B host and have several rooms available for rent. Try to imagine that your guests arrive in the different time, so you need to tie to your reception desk and wait to hand them the keys. Sometimes they arrive behind the pre-determinated time because the plane was delayed or they came across traffic jams or some unpredictable or uncontrollable reasons. So it is possible that you may be woken up by a phone call from your guests at midnight. Uncertain arriving time troubles you very much. The other issue is when the guests leave, you need to collect back the keys. If your guest brought it away or lost it, you may need to change the door lock.

Hundure B&B management system (BMS) is an ideal solution to sort out the issues of the guest's uncertain arriving time and the key loss. BMS uses QR Code as a temporary access key for the door unlocking. It’s because QR Code can be generated quickly and has the features of non-prediction and non-repetition. In addition, QR Code can be sent to guest in advance and will be disabled after time frame is expired. The access QR Code can be saved in the guest smartphone, so no physical access card and additional cost are required.

From now on, install Hundure B&B management system to remove the keys and allow your guests to access via their Smartphones. All you have to do is generate the QR Code in one click and send a unique QR Code by e-mail to grant access within the guest staying time frame. You don’t need any staff on your reception desk. Free yourself from waiting for your guest arrivals.

Project Requirements

  • An access controller needs to provide the functions that can manage the door accesses control according the guest accommodation schedules.
  • An access reader is able to read the access QR Code to unlock the room door.
  • The system can be set the guest’s access authorizations and accommodation timeframe.
  • Also this system can generate and email the access QR Code to the guests (i.e. room key) in advance.
  • The QR Code will be invalid when the access time expires.
System Device Name Device Model
B&B Management System
2 Door Controls Panel RAC-2000WSN
Access Control System HAMS
B&B Management System BMS

Function Descriptions

  • Authorization setting flow: The host can submit the guest’s information into BMS system after receiving the guest’s booking information from other online accommodation reservation platform (e.g. airbnb.,…etc.). Guest information includes guest name, room number and staying days.
  • Generate the room key in advance: After submitting the guest information, the system will automatically generate the access QR Code and email the access QR Code to the guests. When guests arrive the B&B, they scan the access QR Code by QR Code reader to unlock the door.
  • Schedule the validity of the QR Code: Set the start/end validity time of the code. When the code expires, the guest will no longer have the access to the room.
  • Room key invalidation: The host doesn’t need to take the room key back because this access QR Code only can be used during the guest staying days. It will be invalid after the check-out time.
  • Record inquiry: The host can search for the records by date and guest name, room number. The search result can be exported as excel file.


After installing BMS, these benefits are created.

  • Make the good experiences to the guests: Fast and easy identification can improve the user experiences.
  • Touch-free entry: Guests are granted access through their mobile devices. They enter by simply scanning the QR Code from a distance, so they don’t have to touch any scanner. It is safe and hygienic.
  • Reduce the labor cost: The access QR Code can be sent by email in advance so it does not need anyone to wait for the guest arrivals. This can save the labor cost.
  • Saving the card cost: The smartphone is an access key. The access key is generated by the QR Code, which can be sent directly to a smartphone. This gives the guest temporary access without the need for the reception to issue a card or keys, thus reducing carbon footprint. The card costs can be saved.
  • More secure: Guests can save the QR Code in their smartphones. They don’t need worry about the room keys are lost or thieved.


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