Corporation / Factory Solutions

Hundure solution highly secure your office / factory with different authorizations and easy integratibility

Security & employee time management are crucial to all corporations / factories & chain stores. We closely work with the business owner or security management teams to meet their demands to protect their property, employees, visitors, facilities or inventory. Employees / managers have different authorizations to access the building and all employees presence time can be easily managed.

We also provide the fingerprint or finger vein solutions to avoid "buddy clocking" issue and offer high performance solutions to meet the demands of some large factories with many employees getting off work at the same time. Time attendance system features combined with access control features to reduce the cost and simplify the system.

For chain stores or branch offices in different cities, we offer the centralized management solutions to make things easier on attendance management.

Case Study

2019-11-26 Hundure Visitor Management System
So why visitor management system⁉
Manage your visitor with fast and error free sign-in and sign-out process‼
With the visitor management system, it can make a positive impression for your visitor, improve the efficiency of your front desk, give your visitor a quality experience, and save time by waiting for appointments.
2019-08-29 A Time Attendance Recorder Makes Employee’s Dining Management Simple And Easy!!
The time attendance recorder can be used to manage the employee’s dining. It provides employees with the perfect and convenient experiences of dining!!
2019-04-10 Utilizing Time Attendance Recorder In Health Center Management
In order to give the employees better healthcares, A company’s health center needs a system to record and track what services they ask a time attendance recorder with a hundred of duty shift schedules, therefore, is recommended to be utilized in the health center management. The duty shift schedules can be self-defined as employees’ requiring services.
2019-04-10 Skyscraper Elevator Floor Control Panel
A state-of-the-art security solution for the access control, floor control and parking control in the new building.
2019-07-12 Having HAC-100PM, secure management becomes much easier!
It is a perfect security solution for 3C flagship shop. HAC-100 access controller can fully meet the security management requirements for multiple BU, whatever for access control, time attendance and elevator control.


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